The making of the video

For the kickstarter and book promotion, I needed a video creating. There was only one person to go to, Duncan Newham of Freesprite Media

A full size green screen meant we were able to create a scene where I walk out from one of my images!

A great days shooting and weeks of editing by Duncan, meant a high production video was produced.

Thanks Duncan!






IMG_3040 IMG_3032 IMG_3030 IMG_3027

New Website

I have been working for a few weeks on this new site, largely due to the need to update and reveal all the images that have been completed for book 1 in the Trilogy.

People keep asking where this has all come from, and the truth is I have no idea. I have always read crime fiction, and I guess the dark side of those book appeals to me in that the “bad” guys always get caught (in most cases!)  So it will come as no shock that will be the case with The Imaginarium.

However, the best part of this whole project is the people I meet. Whether they are Steampunk’s of not, they have all been interesting! The story now has 35 cast members and 65 extras, to bring to life the story I have in my mind,

I don’t sketch out the images I create, I “see” them finished in my head, long before I start shooting. I am a storyteller, and artist with a camera, creating images that have that Wow factor.

Toady sees the launch of this new site, and I am excited that I am on the way to completing the book. The revamp was forced upon me as my hosting service put their prices up, making it impossible for me to continue with them, but it has made me improve it, and I am very happy with it so far!