The Story of The Imaginarium is told in a series of Fine art images, printed on Aluminium.

The reason I have chosen to only offer metal prints, is because the luminosity of works by painters such as Rembrandt and Caravaggio, was due to these painters’ practice of applying multiple, thin layers of paint to their canvases. In the same way, the layers of dyes infused into the thick, translucent coating on the aluminum plates give a similar sense of depth and luminosity, often leading viewers to think the images are backlit or they appear to take on the look of a 4k television screen. If you have seen my prints in real life, you will know exactly what this means. You can almost feel as though you can step into them, and they are certainly a talking point!


The First book of the Trilogy will be published in Spring 2015. The book will be in the form of a hard back coffee table book, with the images first printed on flat white laminate paper and then just the image gloss lacquered to give the save look at the metal prints. There will also be a few limited edition copies available that will have hand made, by Peter Walton,  Steampunk copper, brass and stainless steel etched covers, with 150 fine art prints and the story hand written by a Calligrapher. These will be to special order only and each cover will be different. You can register your interest in the book by following the link below.

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If you would simply like to email me then please use the link below