Eva Elizabeth Lovelace1400The Imaginarium -Eva’s Story –  a Synopsis

Rumours abound of spellbinding gadgets that can turn ordinary men into Steampunk Giants. Stainless steel and calico wings that turn mortals, into Winged Angels. Steampunk brass and copper pasties, evil villainy and the Necessitti – a magical, stupendous, leggiadrous object of sheer beauty. Inspired by a visit to The Lincoln Asylum Steampunk Festival in 2012, Gary has created a world of Dickens with gadgets, and oh, the gadgets….Gadgets that can take you to fantasmagorical events, or transport you to a world where the airship is “the only way to travel Dahling!” This is the fantastical story that is book one in The Imaginarium Trilogy and is called Eva’s Story. Victoriana is the order of the day, but then thanks to time travel, anything goes. A costume, a character, a gadget and a convoluted dark tale to confound and entertain the reader.  Perhaps ‘hugely complicated and complex’ is a good description, considering the trilogy’s first volume contains thousands of words and over 150 fine art images that have taken years to craft. It’s a rare format for a work of fiction, tied together with a story that Dickens could surely have imagined himself.

The Imaginarium is a Dickens style, Steampunk themed story about one woman’s journey from ruination to salvation, saving the world from a powerful nemesis and is told in a series of Fine Art Photographic images. In a Steampunk world of wickedness, betrayal, murder and greed, one lost soul stands out as her saviour.

the cospiracy1400

The secret in the box in the above picture, weaves its way through the entire trilogy. The main character, Dr William, is aided throughout by two Steampunk time travelling ‘Angels’.

From wickedness, treachery, secrets and murder, the plot twists and turns, each character having their own story that builds into the final sections where all is revealed. With 36 characters, no main character in the story is who they seem, each having a past that is about to catch up with them. The final scenes have an explosive end, leading to book number 2………………

The next book in the series will be Robbie Pertwee – Frankensteam!