arnhem-2 (Large)Peter Walton, Rabbit Hole Engineering, is the genius that creates the props and gadgets for The Imaginarium, as well as appearing as Dr William in the Trilogy.

Each one is perfectly crafted and designed from Peter’s imagination and is a piece of Art in it own right.

Peter creates his art in metal, with every piece is a one off – never to be repeated.

Peter has an engineering and art background, and some of these pieces have taken 10 months to design and make, in his own workshop, often into the early hours.

Once created, hours are spent in hand polishing every part, before final assembly.

Peter can be contacted via email :



Peter is not the only Walton with huge talent. Peter’s wife Julie, creates her costumes to play the part of Eva, helps with the setups and styling, and provides costumes for some of the other characters