The Imaginarium - Robbie Pertwee - Frankensteam

The second book in the trilogy, starts in present day

Robbie Pertwee – Frankensteam

The Second book in the trilogy, starts in present day.

Robbie Pertwee is a geeky kid, 11 years old, with two geeky friends, Jonas and Autumn.

They are into steampunk and fantasy books, and this makes them the subject of ridicule at school.

Bullied on a daily basis, they form their own little “after school club”, where they try to invent little steampunk machines.

One weekend, Robbie is home alone, and while exploring some outbuildings on the farm where he lives, he finds an old crate, right at the back of the loftspace.

Taking off the lid, the contents reveal that he is Dr Williams, great – great grandson.

The bottom of the crate holds a greater surprise, The Necessitti. It sits there, corroded, no sparkle and stuck in a closed position.

Robbie is spellbound and spends the next few weeks, sneaking out to the loft to clean the Necessitti.

Finally, getting it working, he takes it to the “after school club” to show Jonas and Autumn.

Pulling the lever, the arms drop, the orb glows green…………… and all three are transported back in time, where Dr William is building an automaton…..Frankensteam.

The battle between Dr William an The Nemesis rages on, but this time Dr William has help from the future…..