The Imaginarium is an intense project, sometimes far too intense. There are 35 Characters and 65 extras involved in helping me to tell this story. As you can imagine, it becomes all consuming, taking up my every spare moment. When a recording musician, mastering a new album, spends too much time listening to a track, the ears need a rest. Well, my mind needs time away from The Imaginarium, hence this section of Imagery.

I met Scarlet Butterfly at The Asylum, the Lincoln steampunk festival (August Bank Holiday) and instantly knew she would play Adella Daw, the female Artful Dodger character in the story. However, Scarlet is an amazing burlesque aerial artist, and on seeing her Alice act, I decided to work some shoots as a small distraction to The Imaginarium. The galleries in this section are some of the ongoing imagery we have created. Here is a little about Scarlet and a click on her name below, will take you to her facebook page. 



world burlesque games


Scarlet Butterfly is an internationally renown aerial dance performer who has gained a reputation for specialising in a unique form of acrobatic, theatrical, cirque style pole dance which sees her perform in elaborate faery, fantasy and burlesque inspired costumes.

She is influenced by butterflies, and all things mythical and magical and she regularly works with feathers, silks, fan veils and other fabrics, at height, to create visually stunning pole art.

Her acts are graceful, enticing, sensual, exciting, always unpredictable and offer high entertainment value.

In 2015 Scarlet reached the Finals of the World Burlesque Games, in London.





 Introducing Scarlet Butterfly

 Absinthe Faery

 Fire Faery